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Louisiana Drone Blog

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June 6, 2017

As predicted FAA registry struck down

Filed under: drone,Law — tmaster @ 12:17 am

The OBAMA FAA had violated federal law by creating a drone registry we all knew that the law was clear they could not regulate model aircraft.  So now the courts agree.     So if you did register. I did not because I knew it was illegal. You need to logon and erase all your […]

December 28, 2016

Drone news have any comment now.

Filed under: drone — tmaster @ 9:01 pm

Have any drone news on Louisiana we we want it comment here or ask for a author slot. Got some great Louisiana videos we want those also.

Edwards signs into law new drones regulations in Louisiana

Filed under: Law — tmaster @ 8:52 pm

Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed into law new limits on drone use in Louisiana. A bill by Rep. Stephen Dwight, a Republican from Lake Charles, will restrict drone use near schools, school property or correctional facilities. It includes exceptions for police, situations where the landowner grants permission and for pre-agreed recordings like sporting events. […]

October 11, 2016


Filed under: Law — tmaster @ 10:31 am

This just in from the FAA Asa result of Hurricane Matthew, there will likely be significant recovery efforts and the FAA may issue flight restrictions in the vicinity of disaster areas. During response operations to Hurricane Matthew, authorized aircraft may be flying at very low altitudes over affected areas.    Unauthorized UAS or drone operations may prevent other aircraft from performing life-saving missions and increase the risk of mid-air collision. Anyone, including […]

August 18, 2016

Louisiana Mud Fest 2016 Drone

Filed under: drone — tmaster @ 11:47 am


August 17, 2016

Louisiana drone flood footage

Filed under: drone — tmaster @ 7:43 pm

Updated Drone footage of the Louisiana flood  

South Louisiana under a 100 year flood

Filed under: drone — tmaster @ 1:54 am

South Louisiana has been hit by what looks like a 100 year flood in some areas it has rained 2 ft.   Here in North La we have not had more than a inch or 2 of rain so no flooding yet.

August 3, 2016

x8c and x8w range mod

Filed under: drone,x8c — tmaster @ 11:57 am

  x8c and x8w range mod

July 26, 2016

x8c camera mount with anti vibe for GoPro SJCAM

Filed under: drone,x8c — tmaster @ 11:01 am

Just out the new antivibe mount for the x8c $11 at this price now you don’t have to try and build one.   So far this mount looks good. It doesn’t click in place like the original although it is tight. I am using a strap that came with the camera in the video just […]

July 21, 2016

14-month FAA extension passed

Filed under: drone — tmaster @ 9:00 pm

From AMA: Dear Members, We are happy to announce big news related to FAA authorization. As of today, both the Senate and House of Representatives have passed a 14-month FAA extension, and the President has signed the bill into law. We are very pleased that the FAA extension affirms our right to continue to fly […]

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